Gas Abort


# Product Overview:

Abort Stations are specially designed to use in Gaseous type of Fire Extinguishing Systems to manually abort the agent discharge during any false alarm. Distinctively in `Yellow’, it clearly distinguished itself from those used in Fire Alarm Systems. The abort switch is of the non-latching push button type, and requires constant manual pressure. LED indication during abort status is provided as a standard.


# Product Features:

• Product Code: MFS-MCP-Y

• Size: L 95mm*H 95mm*W 52mm

• Non-Latching Push button

• LED light provided to indicate `Abort’ status

• With Transparent Flip Cover


# Technical Specification:

• Operating Voltage : 24Vdc

• Initiating Mode : Manual Pushbutton (Non-Latching)

• Monitoring Current : 0 Ma

• Activated Current : ≤ 30mA (Resistance 470Ω)

• Ingress Protection : IP43

• Operating Temp. : -10°C to +55°C

• Relative Humidity : 95%,

• Weight : 160g (with Back Box) 107g (without Back Box)