Stand Post Hydrant


It is a component of active fire protection to which a fire hose can be attached. Large quantity of water require for quenching major fires in the affected area, easy accessibility in the shortest possible time is of paramount importance in controlling and putting out these fires. Fire hydrant System is designed to serve these requirements. 

There are two types of pressurized fire hydrants: wet-barrel and dry-barrel. In a wet-barrel design, the hydrant is connected directly to the pressurized water source. The upper section, or barrel, of the hydrant is always filled with water, and each outlet has its own valve with a stem that sticks out the side of the barrel. In a dry-barrel design, the hydrant is separated from the pressurized water source by a main valve in the lower section of the hydrant below ground. The upper section remains dry until the main valve is opened by means of a long stem that extends up through the top, or bonnet, of the hydrant.