Starter Panel


# Product Overview: 
A motor starter panel is a collection of star delta motor starters. The Star/Delta starter is manufactured from three contactors, a timer and a thermal overload. The contactors are smaller than the single contactor used in a Direct on Line starter as they are controlling winding currents only. Star delta consist of Contactors (Main, star and delta contactors) 3 No’s (For Open State Starter) or 4 No’s (Close Transient Starter), Time    relay (pull-in delayed) 1 No, Three-pole thermal over current release 1 No, Fuse elements or automatic cut-outs for the main circuit 3 Nos., Fuse element or automatic cut-out for the control circuit 1 No. A starter panel can be manufacture according to customer requirement. 
# Advantages of Star-Delta Starter:
• The operation of the star-delta method is simple and rugged.
• It is relatively cheap compared to other reduced voltage methods.
• Good Torque/Current Performance.
• It draws 2 times starting current of the full load ampere of the motor connected. 
# Features of Star-Delta Starting:
• For low- to high-power three-phase motors.
• Reduced starting current.
• Six connection cables.
• Reduced starting torque.
• Current peak on changeover from star to delta. 

# Motor Starting Characteristics of Star-Delta Starter:
• Available starting current: 33% Full Load Current.
• Peak starting current: 1.3 to 2.6 Full Load Current.
• Peak starting torque: 33% Full Load Torque. 

# Product Features:
• Product Range: 7.5 HP to 75 HP (As per customer requirement)
• Product Code: MFS-SP-7.5
• Size: L 220mm*H 250mm*W 140mm
• Auto/ Manual Control
• Compact design with arrangement for current and voltage measurement
• Power I/P: Single/ Three Phase
• All indications on front side with fault indicator 

# Troubleshooting: 
# Technical support: