256 PA Panel


# Product Overview:

MFS Series 256 panel, it is a single wire communication panel with the zone capacity of 256 nos. The talk back unit is used for communication and fire tone purpose. This panel is generally used in residential area. The panel can be installed at ground floor with talk back unit on each floor.


# Product Features:

• Product Code: MFS- PA-256

• Size: L 250mm*H 220mm*W 70mm

• AC supply voltage: 180-250 v

• DC supply: 18 V

• MCP talkback capacity: 256 NOS

• Charging current: 1.5(max)A

• Operating and storage Temperature: -5 to 55 deg C


# Controls:

• Silent Key: To turn OFF siren sound. Press the ‘SILENT’ button and after pressing that key the red LED near to ‘SILENT’ button will be ON and siren sound will be OFF.

• Reset Key: To reset the entire system.

• Test Key: To test the working condition of control panel whether it is in working condition or not.

# Talk back Operation:

It is a single way communication device; hence to contact press ‘MIC’ button, talk and then release the button to listen to another person on line. One can press the call point of mice button and can contact emergency (For contact press mice button and after contact, leave the button otherwise the sound of another person will not reach).


# Troubleshooting:

For troubleshooting contact:






# Technical Support:

Call: 9766550530/9762015101