Smoke Detectors


# Product Overview:
Residential fires that result in fatalities, no matter what time of day, include both smoldering and flaming fires. And since it’s impossible to predict not only the occurrence of fire but also the type of fire that may strike, having both forms of smoke detection technology is the way to go. You will get the earliest warning signs possible, no matter what type of fire, what time of day, and whether you are asleep or awake. And if you install detectors that come with monitoring service, your home is protected even when you are away-whether it’s quick, rapid flames or a fire that smolders for some time. There are two no. of smoke detectors:
• Ionization smoke alarms
• Photoelectric smoke alarms 
Photoelectric Smoke Alarms: These types of detectors typically respond better to smoldering fires essentially those that begin with a long period of smoldering. Photoelectric alarms work using a photoelectric sensor and a light source. As smoke enters the chamber and crosses the path of light beam, light is scattered by the smoke particles, aiming toward the sensor, which in turn triggers the alarm.  
# Product Features:
• Product Code: MFS-SD-9V
• Size: 101*60 mm
• Net Wt.: 150g
• Photoelectric technology is more sensitive at detecting large particles fires
• Perfect mounting system allows for easy installation and positioning
• Dust cover keeps alarm clean during construction
• 9 V Back-up battery included
• Single button test/silence 

# Technical Specifications:
• Working Current: Static Current: ≤10µA                                     
                                    Alarm Current: ≤15mA
• Operating Voltage: DC 9V 
• Audio Alarm: 85Db at 10 ft.
• Temperature Range: -10 to +50 deg C
• Humidity Range: ≤95% RH (40±2 deg C)
• Protection Area: 20 sq. m.
• Test button: Electronically simulates smoke condition, causing the unit to alarm
• Alarm reset: Automatic when smoke clears 
# Indications:
• Indicator LEDs: Intermittent red LED
• DC Power: Audio alarm and rapidly
• Local alarm: Flashing red LED