DSCP Repeater Panel


# Product Overview:

A fire alarm repeater panel is the panel used to show the same display and audible signals as the main control panel. There are two types of repeater panel, first is a Passive repeater panel & second is Active panel. Repeater panel is used to display main fire panel information as well as user can control some of parameter from it. If the repeater panel only shows information but does not provide any controls on the main fire panel then it is called as a PASSIVE repeater panel.  

If repeater can provide information as well as some of controls of a main fire panel of this type of panel is called as ACTIVE repeater panel. Generally four to five controls will available in repeater panel like, reset, siren science, view events log, Mute etc.  

# Product Range:

• Product Code: MFS-RP-DSCP

• Size: L 220mm*H 150mm*W 60mm


# Indication and Control:

• Silent Key: It is similar to silent button on main panel it will silent the all hooter of modular

• Reset Key: It will reset work unit main modular and repeater

• Mute Key: It will mute the system buzzer

• Evacuate Key: In case of fire at repeater when evacuate button is pressed it will react as fire


# Troubleshooting:






# Technical support: